Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 43

Friday 24th September

I had a blood test on Wednesday to see if my iron levels are high enough. I got the results back today and my blood is back to normal and i can stop taking the iron tablets. I'm not taking paracetamol anymore either as I'm not in any pain.

A lot of my stitches have been falling out recently. I think i have about 5 left. Last time i was at my orthodontist he mentioned that after about 6 weeks he would take them out. So next time we go he might remove the few left.

I will take an update picture after my next appointment.

Sophie xxx

Day 33

Tuesday 14th September

I had my second appointment with my orthodontist today. I only have to wear my elastics at night now, but they are in the same place as last week. I have a power chain between my top front two teeth to close a small gap. I also have something hooked on both sides, it is on two surgical hooks next to each other on my top jaw near the back. They are really rubbing so i've been putting wax over the top which has helped alot.

I still have a bit of a cross bite but my orthodontist said they expected that. He also said that after a couple more appointments i should be able to have my brace off! :D I couldn't believe it! We asked if i would have another x ray and i think i will have one next time, which will be really interesting to see!

My next appointment is in 3 weeks and i am seeing my surgeon on the same day.

Sophie xxx

Day 27

Wednesday 8th September

I saw my orthodontist for the first time since my op today. He was really pleased with how it had gone. He has put 2 elastics on my brace. One on either side, from my top jaw behind my canine to my bottom jaw in front of my canine. I can take these out and change them, so don't have to worry about my food staining them! I have to wear them full time at the moment.

I have another appointment to see him next week.

Sophie xxx

Day 26

Tuesday 7th September

Today i had another post-op appointment with my surgeon. They were very pleased with how everything was progressing and decided to take off all my elastics and told me that i didn't need to see them again for a month. I still haven't seen my orthodontist but my brother has an appointment with him tomorrow so i am going to tag along!

My swelling isn't really going down noticeably but really it is just a little bit of puffiness in my cheeks. All of my numbness has gone, except from the right side of my chin and my bottom lip. It's not really annoying but i have to be careful when I'm eating that i don't have food on my lip and i dribble quite a lot when brushing my teeth.

I keep forgetting to take pictures but there isn't much change really. :)

Sophie xxx


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 23

Saturday 4th September

Today my aunty and cousin came to visit us for the day. They haven't seen me since before my op. I was quite nervous for them to see me but excited too. My aunty was really shocked! She hadn't realised that my face would change and couldn't believe how different i looked. It is weird because I've seen myself everyday so don't see the difference as much or have got used to it! I had a great day with them but was really tired after.

I didn't take my picture today but thought I'd do some comparison pictures:
Day 12
Day 12
Day 12
From the front view i think my face looks a bit squarer and my nose is a bit wider. In the side view you can see my top lip is in front of my bottom lip and my nose points up a bit more. As you can see from my bite pictures it has completely changed! :)

Sophie xxx

Day 19

Tuesday 31st August

I had my third post-op appointment today. My surgeon was on holiday so i saw the same woman as last time. She was really pleased with how the elastics had helped my bite. She changed the elastics and added a couple of extra in different places and in different shapes. I told her about the pain in my jaw joints and she said it was to be expected. I also mentioned that when i smiled or laughed it hurt where my stitches were, it felt like they were being stretched. She had a look and said that they had done there job so she could take out a couple that were annoying me. She took out one at the front of my mouth under my nose and one to the right. It hurt a lot! I think from now on I'll just put up with them and wait for them to fall out! I have another appointment for next week and my surgeon should be back.

I forgot to take a picture today, but my swelling is pretty similar.

Sophie xxx

Day 14

Thursday 26th August

I am still having a lot of pain in my jaw joints. A part from that everything is the same or getting better. I only have a couple of patches of numbness on my face, i am numb on one side of my chin and one half of my bottom lip. Also the roof of my mouth is still really numb which makes brushing difficult.

I went out with my mum today to a local village and went to a really lovely cafe. I was hungry and decided to give the pancakes a go. They were really delicious and i enjoyed them so much! I managed fine by just cutting them into really small pieces but it took me ages to eat them!

Here are my pictures from the day:

Sophie xxx