Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 26

Tuesday 7th September

Today i had another post-op appointment with my surgeon. They were very pleased with how everything was progressing and decided to take off all my elastics and told me that i didn't need to see them again for a month. I still haven't seen my orthodontist but my brother has an appointment with him tomorrow so i am going to tag along!

My swelling isn't really going down noticeably but really it is just a little bit of puffiness in my cheeks. All of my numbness has gone, except from the right side of my chin and my bottom lip. It's not really annoying but i have to be careful when I'm eating that i don't have food on my lip and i dribble quite a lot when brushing my teeth.

I keep forgetting to take pictures but there isn't much change really. :)

Sophie xxx


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