Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 12

Sorry it has taken me sooo long to update my blog! I'm not going to do a post for every day, just the days when things happened or I took photos :)

Tuesday 24th August

I had my second post-op appointment today. It wasn't with my surgeon like last weeks, though he did come see how I was doing. My bottom jaw had moved forward slightly and to the side a bit as you can see from the picture yesterday. This is probably because i had no elastics there. Both the woman seeing me and my surgeon pushed my bottom jaw really hard back into place which really hurt! I had lots of elastics fitted to try and sort things out. I also asked my surgeon if it was normal for my nose still to be running, he said it was as after surgery my sinuses would have been full of blood and that my nose will stop running when my sinuses are clear.

Here are photos from after my visit:

As you can see the elastics have made a difference already! They make eating a lot more difficult and get stained by food very easily!

Sophie xxx

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