Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Day 1

Friday 13th August

After a night of really crazy dreams i woke up at about 6am. That morning lots of different doctors came to see me, and explained that i fainted because i lost a bit more blood than they expected in the surgery. I was told that my surgery had gone well though. 

I started to feel really hungry around lunch time so i was given some jelly, yoghurt and ice cream to eat. I managed all of it and managed to drink quite a lot of water without using a staw. i was really pleased with my self! 

In the afternoon I had the packing from my nose removed and gauze in my gum removed. This was really horrible, i thought the nurse was pulling my brains out of my nose! My nose really bled after this and blood was also going down my throat. 

My surgeon came to see me later on and told me that i could go home the next day, i was really pleased but sad as well. I didn't want to spend the night in the hospital again and wanted to be with my family all the time, not just for a couple of hours!

The dietician came to talk to me about my soft food diet and my mum and dad wrote a shopping list of lots of different things for me to eat!

I made the decision to start taking all my medication orally as it was really hurting going straight into my veins.

I managed to get to sleep at bout 10 and had a much better nights sleep.

Here are some day 1 pictures:


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  1. Wow! Day one?! You look amazing. :)

    I am so glad to hear you are doing well.

    Hugs, Love, and Prayers coming your way sweetie- hang in there.