Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Pre-op assessment

2 days to goo!!

Today I had my last appointment before my surgery. I met with the ward sister who went through my medical history and general fitness. This included measuring my blood pressure, heart rate and also my height and weight. She then took me through everything from arriving at the hospital to leaving. I will be going into the hospital at 7.30am thursday. I will be having my op in the morning and should be finished by around 12-1. I am then moving to the head and neck ward. I could be in hospital for arround 3-5 days but if i am eating and drinking well enough, i might be able to go home on friday!

I then went to have some blood taken, I think it was about 3 syringes full, but i didnt really look! This was just to make sure that if anything did go wrong in the op they know what blood type i am and had a little bit of my own blood.

After this i saw two doctors who again went through my medical history and then examined my face and inside my mouth. Then finally they listened to my breathing and i was free to go!

Here are some current photos:
As the picture above shows i have an open-bite, cross-bite, small under-bite and my top jaw is tilted at an angle.

I don't know what the exact movement of my jaws in the surgery, i know my top jaw is moving forwards about 6-7mm and my bottom jaw is moving backwards a tiny bit.

Tomorow i am going to do some last minute shopping to get things to keep me entertained!

Sophie xxx

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  1. OMGOSH! I totally happy for you! This surgery completely changed my life- in a good way- trust me it is rough at first, but all worth it! :)

    Just push through the first few days! YOU CAN DO IT!

    Love and Prayers, Makay