Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Day 10

Sunday 22nd August

Pretty much the same day as yesterday, didn't do much! Had a really nice tea though, i haven't had anything that tasted salty in ages. My mum made me macaroni and cheese with bacon. She blended it so that the pieces of pasta and bacon where small enough for me to swallow but didn't blend it so much that it was like baby food.

Here are today's pictures:
My swelling is still getting decreasing i think but a bit slower. The numbness isn't as bad as it was under my right eye, but it is still pretty bad on the right side of my face. My nose is still running and i am still having to tape cotton wool under my nose at night, this is probably the most annoying thing for me at the moment as I'm wiping my nose all the time and the skin on my nose is getting irritated. Also I'm finding that when i smile or laugh, the stitches on my upper jaw are being stretched which hurts a bit.

Sophie xxx

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