Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Day 6 and Day 7

Wednesday 18th August

Today was my first day without my mum home to look after me, i think she was more worried about leaving me than i was about staying home. Like the last couple of days i just relaxed and watched some TV. I forgot to take a picture though. My swelling has gone down slightly again, my numbness feels pretty much the same and my nose is still running and blocked.

Thursday 19th August

Today was my A-level results day!!! My mum had the day off work so gave me and a friend a lift to my college to pick up my results. I met up with more friends, none of them had seen me since my op. They were all lovely and asked me how it had gone, only a few noticed a change other than the swelling and slight bruising. When i actually got my results a camera was on me and apparently i was on the local news that night! I couldn't believe my fat face had been on TV, i wasn't pleased! I did really well in my A-levels and will hopefully get a university place next year. Not all my friends were as lucky as me and i ended up staying at college for about 3 hours helping a friend. I was really surprised that i wasn't too tired after, i was also about an hour late to take my painkillers but managed OK. I was quite sad that i didn't get to celebrate with my friends but i am going to arrange something before they all go off to university in September which doesn't involve eating! I forgot to take a picture again today, but I'll make sure i take one tomorrow!

Sophie xxx

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