Saturday, 21 August 2010

Day 2

Saturday 14th August

After a much better nights sleep i got to go home today!!
I tried really hard to show that i was feeling a lot better, which i was. I had some porridge for breakfast to show i was able to eat fine. I got out of bed and had a shower too. I took it all very slowly and felt really tired after, but it felt great to be clean and in my own clothes! I had a yogurt for my lunch as i wasn't very hungry but thought i should eat something. A doctor then came to see me to make sure i was OK to go home and then a nurse came to give me my medication and discharge me. I am going to be on iron tablets for probably the next 3 months because i lost more blood than expected. Other than that i am currently taking painkillers and a steroid to reduce swelling and pain. I couldn't wait to get home when my parents arrived. It took me a really long time to get to our car but i finally got home about 2.

My mum had sorted out my room with old bed sheets, lots of pillows and some gorgeous flowers. I had to take a nap pretty much straight away as i was exhausted. Later on for tea i had some tomato soup and a frozen fruit smoothie which was about the consistency of a slushy.

It felt great to back home with my family, however i had a really bad night. I felt tired but couldn't sleep! I tried watching some TV but couldn't concentrate for longer than 10 minutes. I called my mum a couple of times and she stayed with me until i fell asleep again, i was really restless, i was too hot, had stomach ache and couldn't get comfy. Also my nose was still running and this would wake me up constantly! We taped some cotton wool under my nose and i took some extra painkillers which seemed to help me get more sleep.

Day 3 pictures:
The swelling has increased since yesterday, my right side is much more swollen than my left side. I'm not in too much pain everything just feels really weird! My face just feels really tight and heavy. I can feel my tongue but not much else in my mouth, i know i have powerchains sort of acting like elastics from the back of my top jaw to the front of my bottom jaw. I can start to feel stitches at the back of my teeth and under my nose. I have pain in a tooth which i have had problems with before but painkillers stop that. I am managing to speak ok, i have to speak slower and repeat stuff but people can understand me. I am using a baby spoon for eating as it is shallow and i can fit it in between my teeth. I haven't started to brush my teeth yet but i am using mouthwash.


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