Monday, 23 August 2010

Day 5

Tuesday 17th August

I had my first post op appointment today. It was at 2.50 so i had plenty of time in the morning to get myself ready. Me and my mum decided to set off at 2.10 so i had plenty of time as parking can be a problem. We were pretty early and we went to the cafe at the hospital and mum had a coffee i decided not to have anything. I was really conscious that people were staring at me, it wasn't too bad though. We went up to the waiting area which was really busy and hot, my surgeon had had an emergency earlier in the morning so was running late. We ended up waiting 45 minutes which wasn't a lot of fun. My surgeon had a look at my bite, which has moved from the perfect position it was in during surgery. My jaws are meeting at the same point rather than my top jaw being in front of my bottom jaw. He then pushed my bottom jaw back so that they were in the position which really hurt! He doesn't seem too worried because my bottom jaw can go into the correct position. I told him about the pain i have been having in one of my back teeth, he said that he can't really tell what it is at this point and wouldn't be able to treat it and said that i should just control the pain using painkillers. He removed the power chains between my top and bottom jaw to see if this helps. I was really tired after my appointment and had to take it pretty slowly on the way back to the car.

I am a bit disappointed that i don't have a perfect bite at the moment but it is a lot better than it used to be hopefully it can be sorted out with elastics.

Here are some day 5 pictures:
I think my swelling has gone sown a tiny bit but my bruises are about the same. After having the power chains removed my mouth feels like its wide open as you can sort of see in the pictures. I will eventually take a picture of my bite at the moment to show you.

Sophie xxx

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  1. Wow! you look great! your swelling has gone down, and its not bad AT ALL. :) Looking good.

    Keep healing.

    Love, Makay