Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Day 8

Friday 20th August

Nothing special happened today, so here is the picture from today:
I am so pleased with how quick my swelling is coming down, i actually look fairly normal again! My right side is still quite numb but i get a lot of tingly sensations which is good because it means the feeling should come back but it is quite annoying. My nose is still running but isn't blocked anymore, i can breathe through it. I am also finding eating a lot easier, i am still using a baby spoon as it is shallow and can fit in the gap between my teeth, swallowing is getting much easier too. I am brushing my teeth properly now, i am using a baby tooth brush because it is nice and soft and small enough. 

In a couple of posts time i am going to put up some comparison pictures and bite pictures up.

Sophie xxx

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