Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Update!!! (op)

I finally have managed to get round to blogging again! I am going to do a separate post for each day, so.....

Thursday 12th August - op

Some how i actually managed to sleep really well the night before my op, and i wasn't that nervous when i woke up. I had to get to the hospital for 7.30am so i got up about 6.30am as we live close to the hospital and i needed to have something to drink before 7am but wasn't allowed anything to eat.

When i got to the hospital i went to the admissions ward. Here a nurse asked more general health questions, took my blood pressure and measured my temperature and heart rate. I then had to get changed into my gown and some really weird socks! I spoke to one of the surgeons and had some blood taken. Next i spoke to my surgeon who had a general chat with me abut what to expect and i was given an injection to thin my blood. Then finally at around 9am i went down to the theatre, i had i needle put into my vein so the anaesthetic could be inserted. It was really strange i think i was wearing an oxygen mask and i just remember the room starting spinning and a nurse saying that it was just like a Saturday night!

I woke up in the recovery room and just really wanted to sleep! I think it was about 1.30 and the man looking after me asked me about what school i went to and if i new where i was. I did sort of! i had things round my legs which made them move up and down. 

At about 2 i moved down to my ward and my mum and dad came to see me pretty much straight away. I felt OK, just a bit strange and really tired. Also i kept feeling really hot and then sick, i was sick twice but it was just mostly blood. I was bleeding quite a bit from my mouth so i had to use a suction tube to get rid of it. I did manage to drink using a straw but i was only managing really tiny amounts.

Just before my parents left for the night i decided i would go to the toilet, we asked the nurse and she told me to go carefully and take my time. My mum came with me and at first i felt OK. After i washed my hands though i felt really tired and fainted! It was really strange! i could just remember people shouting me and when i woke up again i was sat on the toilet and 2 doctors were holding my head up ad there was abut 4 other people with me! It took me about 30 mins to get back to bed, i had to get up really slowly and was wheeled back to my bed. I felt a lot better when i was back in bed but still really tired but didn't really sleep until i had my last lot of drugs for the night at 12. I had really weird dreams and was quite restless but managed some sleep.

Here are a couple of pictures from thursday:

If you are wondering what is under my nose, i had packing up my nose and threads connected so that it could be pulled out. My nose did bleed quite a lot so i had a bit of gauze taped under my nose during the night.

Overall the day wasn't too bad! But i didn't really know what was going on!

Sophie xxxx

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